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About Care Collective:

We are a group of professionals who love our jobs! We want YOU to see and feel the results you are looking for. 

We have helped our clients heal injuries, avoid surgery, find relief from chronic pain, reduce stress and maintain a pain free body. 


Let us provide a safe space for you to relax, get comfortable, and take a step toward living pain free. 


Our Mission:

To offer effective, authentic and professional bodywork and massage, in a beautiful, safe environment to our community . 

One Hour Massage:

Before your massage, you will be able to talk with your therapist about where you feel pain or hold tension so that your session will be about you and your body’s needs.  One hour is generally enough time to address the entire body and make you feel relaxed and refreshed for the rest of your day. 

*If you enjoy the use of cups, hot stones and essential oils make sure to tell your therapist as this is also included in your service.*


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